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The Center for Adult English Language Acquisition released a list of literacy and beginning-level texts for adult English language learners.

*Just released in 2012 - Brand new resource!
Wordless pictures books for adult second language literacy learners.
Beautifully photographed books with accompanying activities for building listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills around engaging, relevant topics.  Learn more at


Published Materials for Low-Literacy Adult ESL

Basic Oxford Picture Dictionary, Oxford University Press

Picture Stories and More Picture Stories,
by Fred Ligon, Elizabeth Tannenbaum, Carol Richardson Rodgers

Very Easy True Stories, Pearson

Sounds Easy! Phonics, Spelling, and Pronunciation, by Sharon Bassano

LifePrints, New Readers Press

Longman ESL Literacy, by Yvonne Wong Nishio

English for Everyday Activities, by Lawrence Zweier, New Readers Press
English for Success, Dominie Press
Ventures Literacy, Cambridge

Collaborations, Heinle

Picture This!: Picture Sorting For Alphabetics, Phonemes, & Phonics (Volume 1) by Shari Nielsen-Dunn


Decodable Textbooks

Talk of the Block, Alta Books
Sam and Pat, Heinle and Heinle
What’s Next?, New Readers Press



Online reading practice for adult learners, from Marshall, MN: