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"The best way for readers themselves to acquire automaticity with bottom-level processing is by extensive active practice with reading material that
is enjoyable and easy."

- Barbara Birch, English L2 Reading, p.170


"Extensive reading can -- perhaps must -- play an important role in developing the components upon which fluent second language reading depends..."

"...extensive reading is a student-centered and student-managed activity..."

"...extensive reading should be an integral part of reading instruction in the second language classroom."

"Extensive reading is an approach to the teaching and leaning of second language reading in which learners read large quantities of books and other materials that are well within their linguistic competence."

-R.Day and J. Bamford, Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom


What is extensive reading?

The following publishers create books that can be used for extensive reading. While many of these books were created for young learners, if chosen and used carefully, instructors of adolescents and adults can benefit from many of these reading materials as well.

Benchmark Education:
Educa (books in Kreyol)
Gatehouse Books:
Lerner Publishing: or 
Linmore Publishing:
National Geographic: 
Pearson Longman: or
Penguin Press:
Peppercorn Books has got some great short "books" for emerging adult readers, with super applicable content:
Rosen Publishing: or
Scholastic, Inc.: or 1-800-724-6527
Saddleback Publishing:
Townsend Press: