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Multilingual Minnesota, Inc. was created in 2009 by Max and Patsy Vinogradov.  Max and Patsy are a husband and wife team who live in a northwest suburb of Minneapolis.  While they’ve collaborated on a number of projects since they met in 1994, most of them have concerned home improvement and child rearing…  This is the first time they have found a way to combine their seemingly unrelated professional interests.

Patsy is a language teacher and teacher educator.  She is the Director of ATLAS, the agency responsible for professional development for for Adult Basic Education in Minnesota  ATLAS is housed at Hamline University, where she is also an adjunct faculty member and teaches courses for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers. Patsy’s undergraduate studies focused on Russian language, and she has an MA in ESL.  In 2013 she completed a Ph.D. in Education, department of Curriculum and Instruction, focusing on Second Language and Cultures at the University of Minnesota. She is American; she speaks Russian and tries to speak French.

sy is responsible for the “content” side of

Max is a multi-media artist and owns his own creative agency, Vilah Creative (  He has degrees in mechanical engineering and graphic design.  Max’s agency helps clients to develop their visual identity and to focus their marketing strategy.  He was born in Russia and came to the U.S. in 1995. Max created the design and handles the technical side of

Patsy and Max and their two children speak Russian at home, and they are trying hard to follow their own advice on bilingual parenting. :)